Saturday, April 25, 2009

Math Lessons Collaboration Daily 04/26/2009

  • I think this is a GREAT resource with massive potential. If you teach any current issues/sociology/modern history courses then this tool is a must. Even if you teach courses like 'algebra' then this tool has potential. I spent less than five minutes looking at the query 'regression analysis' and found two valid content related applications of regression analysis that I could easily use with an algebra I, II or precal course. As an example in the first resource I came across this article from that mentions "each (interception) in the minus column costs you approximately six points on average over many years of regression analysis." I can see just having an algebra I course examine/explain what that means mathematically, I can see allowing some students to group, decide what data they would need to confirm that analysis and if you wanted let them analyze the data or look for the analysis that has already been done by contacting the author/NFL. If I can find that kind of information within 5 minutes then imagine what someone with imagination could do!Great resource, a must share with your core content teachers and I firmly believe this tool could quickly vault up the list of most useful very ,very quickly. I can't let this go without thinking about differentiation in the classroom, I search for a topic, let groups look at the timeline and choose their own reading (if I have a group that will be challenged by their choice, I might point them to another reading that might scaffold their understanding), but I've built in choice, built in the ability to manage the sources, opened up the ability to quickly find multiple types of sources (video, blogs, primary sources).

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