Friday, April 2, 2010

Math Lessons Collaboration Daily 04/03/2010

  • Project based learning site that is incredibly easy to navigate and create. students can easily create multimedia projects using drag and drop functionality. Even teachers can do it!

    tags: thinkquest, projects, pbl, technology

  • Great mathematics blog from a young Filipino mathematician, Guillermo Bautista Jr. He does a very nice job of making the mathematics accessible through digital media. He discusses a very wide variety of topics. 

    tags: blog, math, multimedia, geogebra

  • Interesting little article identifying how to use web 2.0 tools to achieve school improvement plan goals, but I will say it's the instructional uses and not the tools that makes these goals achievable. Without the understanding (and more importantly) buy-in from teachers to integrate the tools into the classroom SIP goals won't be achievable.

    tags: web2.0, education, improvement

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