Monday, April 16, 2007

Getting Feedback

As I think through this collaboration more thoroughly I struggle with the best way of starting conversation and getting feedback. I want teachers to be able to give feedback, offer ideas, critique and be able to think through the planning process in 'public'. The idea of putting ideas out for public consumption may be a little intimidating. I know I'm a little intimidated putting this idea out there. As I work through some of my lesson ideas. I struggle with how much I should put out as an initial idea. Will I be encouraging feedback or shutting down input if I put more fleshed out ideas? I'm proposing to create three learning events centered on each of the topic areas. In the first example I'm going to propose one more thoroughly ellaborated idea, one very minimally ellaborated event and one that I'm hoping someone else will propose.

I'm going to publish the first event to get feedback. Everything is negotiable, so please feel free to offer advice/input/....

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