Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Latest Thinking

I spent the day working with Erin Crisp, the literacy coach at West Jessamine High School. She was incredibly helpful as we hashed out different approaches to a professional development (PD) that we will be doing at her school this summer. We are focusing on depth of knowledge (DOK), rigor and relevance, and importance of/how to incorporate higher level DOK into classroom instruction. We discussed different approaches to the planning piece of the PD. We know we want to walk though an example piece discussing how the different levels of DOK are embedded in the instruction. We've determined that using a graphic (I will have to work on that tomorrow and attach later) The basic idea is to have the teachers plan 3-4 learning events around a 'Big Idea'/unit of study. The learning events will be fleshed out in approach but not necessarily in lesson plan format. The focus will be on integrating higher level instruction. In order to reach the higher levels of depth of knowledge it is our contention that literacy strategies that incorporate the read/write/speak connection will be necessary. I would love feedback on this thinking. I will post another example tomorrow that more closely follows this format.


Bridget said...

I am curious as to how your blogging experiment worked. I am new at this also and want to start something in September 07.

RolandOD said...

Bridget, It hasn't worked very well. I have trouble getting other's interested in sharing in an online environment. The new technology is not something many teachers are willing to investigate during the school year. Also, I haven't been clear enough in my expectations. I, also, haven't followed up. I'm not even sure you are still interested in this post, but I'm resurrecting this project and am just responding to your comment. Hope you are monitoring this blog and can respond.