Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Using a Wiki to Encourage Exploration

I haven't given up on this idea of creating a place where teachers come together to analyze lessons for how the lessons allow students to develop their understanding of mathematics through literacy (that would be writing, reading, and speaking/listening) strategies. I've created a wiki to perhaps create a modality that is more conducive to sharing.

So the goal of the wiki is to share lessons that you have created with other like minded teachers willing to create a common understanding of how to integrate literacy into your math class. If you want to add to someone elses lesson please feel free.

I envision this wiki to be a resource where people can share what they've created or adapted and get feedback on a lesson to make it even better. Just be sure to cite all resources that you used to get information. This isn't about being totally original, but sharing, tweaking, and improving good lessons.It's an experiment that's been rolling around in my head for a while. I hope that others share a view of how this might be a useful teacher resource.

It is important though that we model for our students how to cite our sources correctly. If it is not your original work make sure that we give credit where credit is due. Also, if it is copyrighted to make sure that you have permission to post.

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