Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pushing thought about Systems (of Linear Equations)

I've been doing some work with a couple of teachers who have the challenge of teaching in a hybrid environment, and we are pushing our thinking about how to try to engage their students in higher level conversations about the material. It has been a challenge for the teachers to work with a mandated software curriculum and manage the conversion into a hybrid environment at the same time. It seems to me to be a classic example of managing lots of changes and trying to figure them all out at the same time (very tough to do, in my opinion).

Anyway, I've put a couple example lessons on the collaboration wiki and am opening it up to input from anyone interested in talking about how to make the lessons better, discuss the strategies, tweak the resources, get feedback about how the lessons went if used with your students.

I will say one of the foci is to really push the development of taking notes and synthesizing their learning while in the independent learning environment. We (the teachers and I) have had several conversations about how to manage that process better. We've studied how to make formative assessment decisions while trying to develop note-taking guides for the computer lessons, without making them basic fill-in the blank and shutting down student thinking.

I look forward to capturing some conversation about this topic and these lessons.

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