Saturday, January 24, 2009

Math Lessons Collaboration Daily 01/25/2009

  • Need help developing writing prompts or just like interesting quotes. It won't write the prompts for you but it does help get you thinking.

    tags: write

  • Math videos to help explain skills/concepts. Tends to be very skill based, but offers multiple takes on the same skill so if a students doesn't get it from one person the next might be a better fit, short videos makes it plausible that a student might use, GREAT integration of vocabulary. Well worth incorporating into classroom practice to help students understand how to use formulas or manipulate equations. Also they are GREAT models if you want kids to create their own.

    tags: math,, web2.0, instruction

  • Blackboard is finally taking their scholar function public. Bookmarking for research/instructional purposes i.e. Diigo and Delicious. Good funtionality- notes, highlighting, sharing, groups, tag clouds for classroom sharing. Blackboard kills me, they have huge market share and are just now realizing this would be a good tool, ug. Have to recognize it because so many colleges, high schools have access to it.

    tags: web2.0, scholar, Blackboard, write2learn

  • Different tutorials to help people learn how to use Diigo and utilize Diigo in the classroom/research/work. Made me realize I need to create more groups and share more specific examples of links with math teachers, etc.

    tags: Diigo, write2learn, web2.0, instruction

  • Allows quick manipulation of a 3-D brain model with explanation of the different parts. You can look up parts of the brain or functions of the brain. If nothing else, it's interesting for an overview of brain function

    tags: biology, science, interactive, web2.0

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