Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Math Lessons Collaboration Daily 01/29/2009

  • Simple example of a blog post that has lots of power. This is the kind of blog post that I think we can do at CTL as an on-going piece of our work. It captures the ideas that we generate all the time, applies them to the work we are doing, provides a systemic way of producing new material that we can later turn into finished pieces of work. If we begin now, capturing these kinds of thoughts in a library, we can launch a CTL blog with a catalog of ideas that we can turn into posts. If the authors need some help clarifying/fine tuning that is where the system comes into play. By the way this is a fantastic post about the potential of something that is already in many students hands, but repackaged for use in an educational way. I imagine this as part of any distance network that we create, especially with Africa.

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    • Students can now review the present tense lesson I gave last week whenever they want! 

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