Friday, May 1, 2009

Math Lessons Collaboration Daily 05/02/2009

  • How do instruction, curriculum, and professional development influence middle grades students’ algebra learning? Project 2061, in collaboration with the University of Delaware and Texas A&M University, investigated this question as part of an Interagency Education Research Initiative (IERI) project to study the impact of professional development and curriculum materials on instruction and student achievement for specific learning goals in middle school mathematics.

    tags: algebra, mathematics, research, middlegrades

    • focused all aspects of the study on a single clearly defined learning goal for grades 7 and 8:

      Symbolic equations can be used to summarize how the quantity of something changes over time or in response to other changes.

    • using four different curricula.
  • Another online graphing utility. Not as rigorous as Swivel, but offers a way of creating interesting venn diagrams. Great tool for teaching how to label and provide unit data so people can read the graph most effectively.

    tags: graph, mathematics, graphing, web2.0, comprehension, write2learn

  • Discusses the differences in how you read differnt kinds of text with a focus on the processes you use when reading mathematics text.

    tags: comprehension, mathematics

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