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Math Lessons Collaboration Daily 05/06/2009

  • (The recommendations of this report) are consistent with recommendations on adolescent literacy that have been made recently by the National Governors Association’s Center for Best Practices, said Ilene Berman, a program director for that center. “We, too, recommend that states build support for a state focus on adolescent literacy,” she said. “We encourage states to write and implement literacy plans.”

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  • This article just offers more justification for the project we are designing. Notice the mention of data from 5th grade thru 8th grade. I still think we need to look at how we inform high school teachers to teach/support rigorous content area reading.

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    • Not every teacher, he said, needs to be a reading specialist. But all teachers do need to be trained, he added, in how to recognize reading deficits, and schools need to have strategies to respond to them
  • J Am Med Inform Assoc-

    The QUERI Process
    1. Identify high-risk/high-volume diseases/problems.
    2. Identify best practices.
    3. Define existing practice patterns and outcomes across Veterans Health Administration and current variation from best practices.
    4. Identify and implement interventions (including performance criteria) to promote best practices.
    5. Document that best practices improve outcomes.
    6. Document that outcomes are associated with improved health-related quality of life.

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  • Important that we provide structure for teachers to use the data available to them. Here is some synthesis of the research about using data to inform practice. I like that it provides a structure.

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