Thursday, March 18, 2010

Math Lessons Collaboration Daily 03/19/2010

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  • I love using digital images (or any images for that matter) to get students looking at content differently. This site takes a very simple concept (giving students a visual prompt and asking them to write) and provides great examples of pictures that people can use for this process. For me it is a natural next step to then have students creating pictures that represent a prompt or create pictures to use as prompts, and given the ease in which students can take and share images, it is simple to do in a classroom setting.

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  • Some interesting activities to do with the Smart board in a mathematics classroom. I tried a couple of the activities and I did like that students were asked to estimate and predict. If teachers had clickers in their classrooms, this would be a great way of getting students to predict, record and then predict again and use the clickers for more than opening bell activities.

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